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Type Aliases

KotlinPoet provides API for creating Type Aliases, which supports simple class names, parameterized types and lambdas:

val k = TypeVariableName("K")
val t = TypeVariableName("T")

val fileTable = Map::class.asClassName()
  .parameterizedBy(k, Set::class.parameterizedBy(File::class))

val predicate = LambdaTypeName.get(
  parameters = arrayOf(t),
  returnType = Boolean::class.asClassName()
val helloWorld = FileSpec.builder("com.example", "HelloWorld")
  .addTypeAlias(TypeAliasSpec.builder("Word", String::class).build())
    TypeAliasSpec.builder("FileTable", fileTable)
    TypeAliasSpec.builder("Predicate", predicate)

Which generates the following:

package com.example

import kotlin.Boolean
import kotlin.String
import kotlin.collections.Map
import kotlin.collections.Set

typealias Word = String

typealias FileTable<K> = Map<K, Set<File>>

typealias Predicate<T> = (T) -> Boolean