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JavaPoet Extensions for KotlinPoet

interop:javapoet is an interop API for converting JavaPoet types to KotlinPoet types. This is particularly useful for projects that support code gen in multiple languages and want to easily be able to jump between.

Note that this API is currently in preview and subject to API changes. Usage of them requires opting in to the @KotlinPoetJavaPoetPreview annotation.


Typealiases for common conflicting type names

// Points to com.squareup.kotlinpoet.TypeName
// Points to com.squareup.javapoet.TypeName

Convert between a JTypeName and KTypeName

Most usages of these can run through the toKTypeName() and toJTypeName() extensions.

val jType = JTypeName.get("com.example", "Taco")

// Returns a KotlinPoet `ClassName` of value `com.example.Taco`
val kType = jType.toKTypeName()

// Returns a JavaPoet `ClassName` of value `com.example.Taco`
val jType2 = kType.toJTypeName()


Kotlin supports a number of intrinsic types that live in the kotlin package, such as primitives, List, String, IntArray, etc. Where possible, interop will best-effort attempt to convert to the idiomatic Kotlin type when converting from the Java type.

Lossy Conversions

Kotlin has more expressive types in some regards. These cannot be simply expressed in JavaPoet and are subject to lossy conversions.

Examples include:

  • Nullability
  • Nullable types in Kotlin will appear as normal types in JavaPoet.
  • Collection mutability
  • Immutable Kotlin collections will convert to their standard (mutable) Java analogs.
  • Java collections will convert to immutable Kotlin analogs, erring on the side of safety in generated public APIs
  • Unsigned types