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Callable References

Callable references to constructors, functions, and properties may be emitted via:

  • ClassName.constructorReference() for constructors
  • MemberName.reference() for functions and properties

For example,

val helloClass = ClassName("com.example.hello", "Hello")
val worldFunction: MemberName = helloClass.member("world")
val byeProperty: MemberName = helloClass.nestedClass("World").member("bye")

val factoriesFun = FunSpec.builder("factories")
  .addStatement("val hello = %L", helloClass.constructorReference())
  .addStatement("val world = %L", worldFunction.reference())
  .addStatement("val bye = %L", byeProperty.reference())

FileSpec.builder("com.example", "HelloWorld")

would generate:

package com.example

import com.example.hello.Hello

fun factories() {
  val hello = ::Hello
  val world = Hello::world
  val bye = Hello.World::bye

Top-level classes and members with conflicting names may require aliased imports, as with member names.