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Code Block Format Strings

Code blocks may specify the values for their placeholders in a few ways. Only one style may be used for each operation on a code block.

Relative Arguments

Pass an argument value for each placeholder in the format string to CodeBlock.add(). In each example, we generate code to say “I ate 3 tacos”

CodeBlock.builder().add("I ate %L %L", 3, "tacos")

Positional Arguments

Place an integer index (1-based) before the placeholder in the format string to specify which argument to use.

CodeBlock.builder().add("I ate %2L %1L", "tacos", 3)

Named Arguments

Use the syntax %argumentName:X where X is the format character and call CodeBlock.addNamed() with a map containing all argument keys in the format string. Argument names use characters in a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and _, and must start with a lowercase character.

val map = LinkedHashMap<String, Any>()
map += "food" to "tacos"
map += "count" to 3
CodeBlock.builder().addNamed("I ate %count:L %food:L", map)