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interop:kotlinx-metadata:core is an API for working with Kotlin @Metadata annotations. Its API sits atop kotlinx-metadata, offering immutable versions of its types + JVM metadata information. This can be used to read Kotlin language semantics off of Class or TypeElement @Metadata annotations.


data class Taco(val seasoning: String, val soft: Boolean) {
  fun prepare() {


val kmClass = Taco::class.toImmutableKmClass()

// Now you can access misc information about Taco from a Kotlin lens
println( { println( }
kmClass.functions.forEach { println( }


There are a number of boolean flags available to types as well under Flags.kt. These read the underlying kotlinx-metadata Flags property.

Using the Taco example above, we can glean certain information:

println("Is class? ${kmClass.isClass}")
println("Is data class? ${kmClass.isData}")

Interop with kotlinx-metadata

To convert a kotlinx-metadata type to its analogous immutable type, simply call toImmutable()

val immutableKmClass: ImmutableKmClass = kmClass.toImmutable()

To convert an immutable type back to its analogous kotlinx-metadata type, call toMutable().

val mutableKmClass: KmClass = kmClass.toMutable()

Interop with KotlinPoet

There is a separate interop:kotlinx-metadata:specs artifact that offers interop APIs to create TypeSpec/FileSpec representations of classes using this artifact for intermediary parsing.