class CodeBlock

A fragment of a .kt file, potentially containing declarations, statements, and documentation. Code blocks are not necessarily well-formed Kotlin code, and are not validated. This class assumes kotlinc will check correctness later!

Code blocks support placeholders like java.text.Format. This class primarily uses a percent sign % but has its own set of permitted placeholders:

  • %L emits a literal value with no escaping. Arguments for literals may be strings, primitives, type declarations, annotations and even other code blocks.

  • %N emits a name, using name collision avoidance where necessary. Arguments for names may be strings (actually any character sequence), parameters, properties, functions, and types.

  • %S escapes the value as a string, wraps it with double quotes, and emits that. For example, 6" sandwich is emitted "6\" sandwich". %S will also escape all dollar signs ($), use %P for string templates.

  • %P - Similar to %S, but doesn't escape dollar signs ($) to allow creation of string templates. If the string contains dollar signs that should be escaped - use %S.

  • %T emits a type reference. Types will be imported if possible. Arguments for types may be Class.

  • %M emits a member reference. A member is either a function or a property. If the member is importable, e.g. it's a top-level function or a property declared inside an object, the import will be resolved if possible. Arguments for members must be of type MemberName.

  • %% emits a percent sign.

  • · emits a space that never wraps. KotlinPoet prefers to wrap lines longer than 100 columns. It does this by replacing normal spaces with a newline and indent. Note that spaces in strings are never wrapped.

  • increases the indentation level.

  • decreases the indentation level.

  • « begins a statement. For multiline statements, every line after the first line is double-indented.

  • » ends a statement.


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class Builder
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object Companion


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open operator override fun equals(other: Any?): Boolean
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open override fun hashCode(): Int
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A heterogeneous list containing string literals and value placeholders.

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open override fun toString(): String