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workflow-ui-core / com.squareup.workflow.ui

Package com.squareup.workflow.ui


Name Summary
AlertContainerScreen data class AlertContainerScreen<B :Any> :HasModals<B,AlertScreen>
May show a stack of AlertScreen over a baseScreen.
AlertScreen data class AlertScreen
Models a typical “You sure about that?” alert box.
BackStackScreen data class BackStackScreen<StackedT :Any>
Compatible interface Compatible
Implemented by objects whose compatibility requires more nuance than just being of the same type.
HasModals interface HasModals<out B :Any, out M :Any>
Interface implemented by screen classes that represent a stack of zero or more modal screens above a baseScreen. Use of this interface allows platform specific containers to share base classes, like ModalContainer in the workflow-ui-android module.
Named data class Named<W :Any> :Compatible
Allows renderings that do not implement Compatible themselves to be distinguished by more than just their type. Instances are compatible if they have the same name and have compatible fields.

Extensions for External Classes

Name Summary


Name Summary
compatible fun compatible(me:Any, you:Any):Boolean
Normally returns true if me and you are instances of the same class. If that common class implements Compatible, both instances must also have the same Compatible.compatibilityKey.