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workflow-ui-android / com.squareup.workflow.ui

Package com.squareup.workflow.ui


Name Summary
BuilderBinding class BuilderBinding<RenderingT :Any> :ViewBinding<RenderingT>
A ViewBinding that allows ViewRegistry.buildView to dispense Views that need to be generated from code. (Use LayoutRunner to work with XML layout resources.)
HandlesBack interface HandlesBack
Implemented by objects that want the option to intercept back button taps. Can be implemented by View subclasses, or can be attached to a stock view via Helper.setBackHandler.
LayoutRunner interface LayoutRunner<RenderingT :Any>
An object that handles View.showRendering calls for a view inflated from a layout resource in response to ViewRegistry.buildView. (Use BuilderBinding if you want to build views from code rather than layouts.)
ModalContainer abstract class ModalContainer<ModalRenderingT :Any> :FrameLayout,HandlesBack
Base class for containers that show HasModals.modals in Dialogs.
ShowRenderingTag data class ShowRenderingTag<out RenderingT :Any>
ViewBinding interface ViewBinding<RenderingT :Any>
Factory for View instances that can show renderings of typeRenderingT. Use LayoutRunner.bind to work with XML layout resources, or BuilderBinding to create views from code.
ViewRegistry class ViewRegistry
A collection of ViewBindings that can be used to display the stream of renderings from a workflow tree.
WorkflowFragment abstract class WorkflowFragment<PropsT, OutputT :Any> : Fragment
A Fragment that can run a workflow. Subclasses implement onCreateWorkflow to configure themselves with a Workflow, ViewRegistry and inputs.
WorkflowLayout class WorkflowLayout :FrameLayout,HandlesBack
A view that can be driven by a WorkflowRunner. In most cases you’ll use Activity.setContentWorkflow or subclass WorkflowFragment rather than manage this class directly.
WorkflowRunner interface WorkflowRunner<out OutputT :Any>
Uses a Workflow and a ViewRegistry to drive a WorkflowLayout.


Name Summary
ExperimentalWorkflowUi annotation class ExperimentalWorkflowUi
The Workflow UI classes for Android are still experimental. They are in more flux than the rest of the code, and have not yet seen production use. Proceed with caution, and be ready to have the rug pulled out from under you.

Type Aliases

Name Summary
ViewShowRendering typealias ViewShowRendering<RenderingT> = (RenderingT) ->Unit
Function attached to a view created by ViewRegistry, to allow it to respond to View.showRendering.

Extensions for External Classes

Name Summary