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okio / okio / BufferedSink / write


(js, jvm, native) abstract fun write(byteString:ByteString):BufferedSink abstract fun write(byteString:ByteString, offset:Int, byteCount:Int):BufferedSink(js, jvm, native) abstract fun write(source:ByteArray):BufferedSink

Like OutputStream.write, this writes a complete byte array to this sink.

(js, jvm, native) abstract fun write(source:ByteArray, offset:Int, byteCount:Int):BufferedSink

Like OutputStream.write, this writes byteCount bytes of source, starting at offset.

(js, jvm, native) abstract fun write(source:Source, byteCount:Long):BufferedSink

Removes byteCount bytes from source and appends them to this sink.