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okhttp / okhttp3 / OkHttpClient / Builder / retryOnConnectionFailure


fun retryOnConnectionFailure(retryOnConnectionFailure:Boolean): Builder

Configure this client to retry or not when a connectivity problem is encountered. By default, this client silently recovers from the following problems:

  • Unreachable IP addresses. If the URL’s host has multiple IP addresses, failure to reach any individual IP address doesn’t fail the overall request. This can increase availability of multi-homed services.

  • Stale pooled connections. The ConnectionPool reuses sockets to decrease request latency, but these connections will occasionally time out.

  • Unreachable proxy servers. A ProxySelector can be used to attempt multiple proxy servers in sequence, eventually falling back to a direct connection.

Set this to false to avoid retrying requests when doing so is destructive. In this case the calling application should do its own recovery of connectivity failures.