okhttp / okhttp3 / MultipartBody / Builder


class Builder


Name Summary
<init> Builder(boundary:String= UUID.randomUUID().toString())


Name Summary
addFormDataPart Add a form data part to the body.fun addFormDataPart(name:String, value:String): Builder
fun addFormDataPart(name:String, filename:String?, body:RequestBody): Builder
addPart Add a part to the body.fun addPart(body:RequestBody): Builder
fun addPart(headers:Headers?, body:RequestBody): Builder
fun addPart(part: Part): Builder
build Assemble the specified parts into a request body.fun build():MultipartBody
setType Set the MIME type. Expected values for type are MIXED (the default), ALTERNATIVE, DIGEST, PARALLEL and FORM.fun setType(type:MediaType): Builder