okhttp / okhttp3 / Handshake


class Handshake

A record of a TLS handshake. For HTTPS clients, the client is local and the remote server is its peer.

This value object describes a completed handshake. Use ConnectionSpec to set policy for new handshakes.


Name Summary
cipherSuite Returns the cipher suite used for the connection.val cipherSuite:CipherSuite
localCertificates Returns a possibly-empty list of certificates that identify this peer.val localCertificates:List<Certificate>
localPrincipal Returns the local principle, or null if this peer is anonymous.val localPrincipal:Principal?
peerCertificates Returns a possibly-empty list of certificates that identify the remote peer.val peerCertificates:List<Certificate>
peerPrincipal Returns the remote peer’s principle, or null if that peer is anonymous.val peerPrincipal:Principal?
tlsVersion Returns the TLS version used for this connection. This value wasn’t tracked prior to OkHttp 3.0. For responses cached by preceding versions this returns TlsVersion.SSL_3_0.val tlsVersion:TlsVersion


Name Summary
equals fun equals(other:Any?):Boolean
hashCode fun hashCode():Int
toString fun toString():String

Companion Object Functions

Name Summary
get fun get(tlsVersion:TlsVersion, cipherSuite:CipherSuite, peerCertificates:List<Certificate>, localCertificates:List<Certificate>):Handshake
handshake funSSLSession.handshake():Handshake