okhttp / okhttp3 / CookieJar


interface CookieJar

Provides policy and persistence for HTTP cookies.

As policy, implementations of this interface are responsible for selecting which cookies to accept and which to reject. A reasonable policy is to reject all cookies, though that may interfere with session-based authentication schemes that require cookies.

As persistence, implementations of this interface must also provide storage of cookies. Simple implementations may store cookies in memory; sophisticated ones may use the file system or database to hold accepted cookies. The cookie storage model specifies policies for updating and expiring cookies.


Name Summary
loadForRequest Load cookies from the jar for an HTTP request to url. This method returns a possibly empty list of cookies for the network request.abstract fun loadForRequest(url:HttpUrl):List<Cookie>
saveFromResponse Saves cookies from an HTTP response to this store according to this jar’s policy.abstract fun saveFromResponse(url:HttpUrl, cookies:List<Cookie>):Unit

Companion Object Properties

Name Summary
NO_COOKIES A cookie jar that never accepts any cookies.val NO_COOKIES:CookieJar