okhttp / okhttp3 / Challenge


class Challenge

An RFC 7235 challenge.


Name Summary
<init> Challenge(scheme:String, realm:String)
An RFC 7235 challenge.Challenge(scheme:String, authParams:Map<String?,String>)


Name Summary
authParams Returns the auth params, including realm and charset if present, but as strings. The map’s keys are lowercase and should be treated case-insensitively.val authParams:Map<String?,String>
charset The charset that should be used to encode the credentials.val charset:Charset
realm Returns the protection space.val realm:String?
scheme Returns the authentication scheme, like Basic.val scheme:String


Name Summary
equals fun equals(other:Any?):Boolean
hashCode fun hashCode():Int
toString fun toString():String
withCharset Returns a copy of this charset that expects a credential encoded with charset.fun withCharset(charset:Charset):Challenge