okhttp / okhttp3 / Call


interface Call :Cloneable

A call is a request that has been prepared for execution. A call can be canceled. As this object represents a single request/response pair (stream), it cannot be executed twice.


Name Summary
Factory interface Factory


Name Summary
cancel Cancels the request, if possible. Requests that are already complete cannot be canceled.abstract fun cancel():Unit
clone Create a new, identical call to this one which can be enqueued or executed even if this call has already been.abstract fun clone():Call
enqueue Schedules the request to be executed at some point in the future.abstract fun enqueue(responseCallback:Callback):Unit
execute Invokes the request immediately, and blocks until the response can be processed or is in error.abstract fun execute():Response
isCanceled abstract fun isCanceled():Boolean
isExecuted Returns true if this call has been either executed or enqueued. It is an error to execute a call more than once.abstract fun isExecuted():Boolean
request Returns the original request that initiated this call.abstract fun request():Request
timeout Returns a timeout that spans the entire call: resolving DNS, connecting, writing the request body, server processing, and reading the response body. If the call requires redirects or retries all must complete within one timeout period.abstract fun timeout():Timeout