okhttp / okhttp3 / CacheControl


class CacheControl

A Cache-Control header with cache directives from a server or client. These directives set policy on what responses can be stored, and which requests can be satisfied by those stored responses.

See RFC 7234, 5.2.


Name Summary
Builder Builds a Cache-Control request header.class Builder


Name Summary
immutable val immutable:Boolean
isPrivate val isPrivate:Boolean
isPublic val isPublic:Boolean
maxAgeSeconds The duration past the response’s served date that it can be served without validation.val maxAgeSeconds:Int
maxStaleSeconds val maxStaleSeconds:Int
minFreshSeconds val minFreshSeconds:Int
mustRevalidate val mustRevalidate:Boolean
noCache In a response, this field’s name “no-cache” is misleading. It doesn’t prevent us from caching the response; it only means we have to validate the response with the origin server before returning it. We can do this with a conditional GET.val noCache:Boolean
noStore If true, this response should not be cached.val noStore:Boolean
noTransform val noTransform:Boolean
onlyIfCached This field’s name “only-if-cached” is misleading. It actually means “do not use the network”. It is set by a client who only wants to make a request if it can be fully satisfied by the cache. Cached responses that would require validation (ie. conditional gets) are not permitted if this header is set.val onlyIfCached:Boolean
sMaxAgeSeconds The “s-maxage” directive is the max age for shared caches. Not to be confused with “max-age” for non-shared caches, As in Firefox and Chrome, this directive is not honored by this cache.val sMaxAgeSeconds:Int


Name Summary
toString fun toString():String

Companion Object Properties

Name Summary
FORCE_CACHE Cache control request directives that uses the cache only, even if the cached response is stale. If the response isn’t available in the cache or requires server validation, the call will fail with a 504 Unsatisfiable Request.val FORCE_CACHE:CacheControl
FORCE_NETWORK Cache control request directives that require network validation of responses. Note that such requests may be assisted by the cache via conditional GET requests.val FORCE_NETWORK:CacheControl

Companion Object Functions

Name Summary
parse Returns the cache directives of headers. This honors both Cache-Control and Pragma headers if they are present.fun parse(headers:Headers):CacheControl