mockwebserver / okhttp3.mockwebserver / Dispatcher


abstract class Dispatcher

Handler for mock server requests.


Name Summary
<init> Handler for mock server requests.Dispatcher()


Name Summary
dispatch Returns a response to satisfy request. This method may block (for instance, to wait on a CountdownLatch).abstract fun dispatch(request:RecordedRequest):MockResponse
peek Returns an early guess of the next response, used for policy on how an incoming request should be received. The default implementation returns an empty response. Mischievous implementations can return other values to test HTTP edge cases, such as unhappy socket policies or throttled request fun peek():MockResponse
shutdown Release any resources held by this dispatcher. Any requests that are currently being dispatched should return immediately. Responses returned after shutdown will not be transmitted: their socket connections have already been fun shutdown():Unit


Name Summary
QueueDispatcher Default dispatcher that processes a script of responses. Populate the script by calling class QueueDispatcher :Dispatcher