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mockwebserver / okhttp3.mockwebserver

Package okhttp3.mockwebserver


Name Summary
Dispatcher abstract class Dispatcher
Handler for mock server requests.
MockResponse class MockResponse :Cloneable
A scripted response to be replayed by the mock web server.
MockWebServer class MockWebServer : ExternalResource,Closeable
A scriptable web server. Callers supply canned responses and the server replays them upon request in sequence.
PushPromise class PushPromise
An HTTP request initiated by the server.
QueueDispatcher open class QueueDispatcher :Dispatcher
Default dispatcher that processes a script of responses. Populate the script by calling enqueueResponse.
RecordedRequest class RecordedRequest
An HTTP request that came into the mock web server.
SocketPolicy enum class SocketPolicy
What should be done with the incoming socket.