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[jvm]\ class LoggingEventListener : EventListener

An OkHttp EventListener, which logs call events. Can be applied as an event listener factory.

The format of the logs created by this class should not be considered stable and may change slightly between releases. If you need a stable logging format, use your own event listener.


Name Summary
Factory [jvm]
open class Factory@JvmOverloadsconstructor(logger: HttpLoggingInterceptor.Logger = HttpLoggingInterceptor.Logger.DEFAULT) : EventListener.Factory


Name Summary
cacheConditionalHit [jvm]
open override fun cacheConditionalHit(call: Call, cachedResponse: Response)
cacheHit [jvm]
open override fun cacheHit(call: Call, response: Response)
cacheMiss [jvm]
open override fun cacheMiss(call: Call)
callEnd [jvm]
open override fun callEnd(call: Call)
callFailed [jvm]
open override fun callFailed(call: Call, ioe: IOException)
callStart [jvm]
open override fun callStart(call: Call)
canceled [jvm]
open override fun canceled(call: Call)
connectEnd [jvm]
open override fun connectEnd(call: Call, inetSocketAddress: InetSocketAddress, proxy: Proxy, protocol: Protocol?)
connectFailed [jvm]
open override fun connectFailed(call: Call, inetSocketAddress: InetSocketAddress, proxy: Proxy, protocol: Protocol?, ioe: IOException)
connectionAcquired [jvm]
open override fun connectionAcquired(call: Call, connection: Connection)
connectionReleased [jvm]
open override fun connectionReleased(call: Call, connection: Connection)
connectStart [jvm]
open override fun connectStart(call: Call, inetSocketAddress: InetSocketAddress, proxy: Proxy)
dnsEnd [jvm]
open override fun dnsEnd(call: Call, domainName: String, inetAddressList: List<InetAddress>)
dnsStart [jvm]
open override fun dnsStart(call: Call, domainName: String)
proxySelectEnd [jvm]
open override fun proxySelectEnd(call: Call, url: HttpUrl, proxies: List<Proxy>)
proxySelectStart [jvm]
open override fun proxySelectStart(call: Call, url: HttpUrl)
requestBodyEnd [jvm]
open override fun requestBodyEnd(call: Call, byteCount: Long)
requestBodyStart [jvm]
open override fun requestBodyStart(call: Call)
requestFailed [jvm]
open override fun requestFailed(call: Call, ioe: IOException)
requestHeadersEnd [jvm]
open override fun requestHeadersEnd(call: Call, request: Request)
requestHeadersStart [jvm]
open override fun requestHeadersStart(call: Call)
responseBodyEnd [jvm]
open override fun responseBodyEnd(call: Call, byteCount: Long)
responseBodyStart [jvm]
open override fun responseBodyStart(call: Call)
responseFailed [jvm]
open override fun responseFailed(call: Call, ioe: IOException)
responseHeadersEnd [jvm]
open override fun responseHeadersEnd(call: Call, response: Response)
responseHeadersStart [jvm]
open override fun responseHeadersStart(call: Call)
satisfactionFailure [jvm]
open override fun satisfactionFailure(call: Call, response: Response)
secureConnectEnd [jvm]
open override fun secureConnectEnd(call: Call, handshake: Handshake?)
secureConnectStart [jvm]
open override fun secureConnectStart(call: Call)