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Core: Graph

shark-graph / shark

Package shark


Name Summary
CloseableHeapGraph interface CloseableHeapGraph :HeapGraph,Closeable
A HeapGraph that should be closed after being used.
GraphContext class GraphContext
In memory store that can be used to store objects in a given HeapGraph instance. This is a simple MutableMap of String to Any, but with unsafe generics access.
HeapField class HeapField
Represents a static field or an instance field.
HeapGraph interface HeapGraph
Enables navigation through the heap graph of objects.
HeapObject sealed class HeapObject
An object in the heap dump.
HeapValue class HeapValue
Represents a value in the heap dump, which can be an object reference or a primitive type.
HprofHeapGraph class HprofHeapGraph :CloseableHeapGraph
A HeapGraph that reads from an Hprof file indexed by HprofIndex.
HprofIndex class HprofIndex
An index on a Hprof file. See openHeapGraph.