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Extension: Shark Android

shark-android / shark

Package shark


Name Summary
AndroidBuildMirror class AndroidBuildMirror
Caches values from the android.os.Build class in the heap dump. Retrieve a cached instances via fromHeapGraph.
AndroidObjectInspectors enum class AndroidObjectInspectors : ObjectInspector
A set of default ObjectInspectors that knows about common AOSP and library classes.
AndroidReferenceMatchers enum class AndroidReferenceMatchers
AndroidReferenceMatchers values add ReferenceMatcher instances to a global list via their add method. A ReferenceMatcher is either a IgnoredReferenceMatcher or a LibraryLeakReferenceMatcher.


Name Summary
unwrapActivityContext fun HeapInstance.unwrapActivityContext(): HeapInstance?
Recursively unwraps this HeapInstance as a ContextWrapper until an Activity is found in which case it is returned. Returns null if no activity was found.