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AuditLog - Interface in keywhiz.log
An interface for recording Keywhiz events


Event - Class in keywhiz.log
A class to represent an event in Keywhiz
Event(Instant, EventTag, String, String, Map<String, String>) - Constructor for class keywhiz.log.Event
Event(Instant, EventTag, String, String) - Constructor for class keywhiz.log.Event
EventTag - Enum in keywhiz.log
The definitions of possible events in Keywhiz


getExtraInfo() - Method in class keywhiz.log.Event
getObjectName() - Method in class keywhiz.log.Event
getTimestamp() - Method in class keywhiz.log.Event
getType() - Method in class keywhiz.log.Event
getUser() - Method in class keywhiz.log.Event


keywhiz.log - package keywhiz.log


recordEvent(Event) - Method in interface keywhiz.log.AuditLog
recordEvent(Event) - Method in class keywhiz.log.SimpleLogger


SimpleLogger - Class in keywhiz.log
A very simple logger which logs all events passed to it
SimpleLogger() - Constructor for class keywhiz.log.SimpleLogger


toString() - Method in class keywhiz.log.Event


valueOf(String) - Static method in enum keywhiz.log.EventTag
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values() - Static method in enum keywhiz.log.EventTag
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
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