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AddAction - Class in keywhiz.cli.commands
AddAction(AddActionConfig, KeywhizClient, ObjectMapper) - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.commands.AddAction
AddActionConfig - Class in keywhiz.cli.configs
AddActionConfig() - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.configs.AddActionConfig
AddOrUpdateActionConfig - Class in keywhiz.cli.configs
AddOrUpdateActionConfig() - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.configs.AddOrUpdateActionConfig
addType - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.AddActionConfig
APP_VERSION - Static variable in class keywhiz.cli.CommandExecutor
AssignAction - Class in keywhiz.cli.commands
AssignAction(AssignActionConfig, KeywhizClient) - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.commands.AssignAction
AssignActionConfig - Class in keywhiz.cli.configs
AssignActionConfig() - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.configs.AssignActionConfig
assignType - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.AssignActionConfig


CliConfiguration - Class in keywhiz.cli.configs
Global command line configuration.
CliConfiguration() - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.configs.CliConfiguration
ClientUtils - Class in keywhiz.cli
Utility class for configuring KeywhizClients
ClientUtils() - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.ClientUtils
ClientUtils.XsrfTokenInterceptor - Class in keywhiz.cli
HttpClient request interceptor to handle server-side XSRF protection.
CliMain - Class in keywhiz.cli
Keywhiz ACL Command Line Management Utility
CliMain() - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.CliMain
CliModule - Class in keywhiz.cli
CliModule(CliConfiguration, JCommander, JCommander, String, Map<String, Object>) - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.CliModule
CommandExecutor - Class in keywhiz.cli
CommandExecutor(CliConfiguration, String, Map, JCommander, JCommander, ObjectMapper) - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.CommandExecutor
CommandExecutor.Command - Enum in keywhiz.cli
configure() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.CliModule
contentProvided - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.UpdateActionConfig
create(String, String, String, String, boolean, boolean) - Static method in class keywhiz.cli.JsonCookie


DeleteAction - Class in keywhiz.cli.commands
DeleteAction(DeleteActionConfig, KeywhizClient) - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.commands.DeleteAction
DeleteActionConfig - Class in keywhiz.cli.configs
DeleteActionConfig() - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.configs.DeleteActionConfig
deleteType - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.DeleteActionConfig
DescribeAction - Class in keywhiz.cli.commands
DescribeAction(DescribeActionConfig, KeywhizClient, Printing) - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.commands.DescribeAction
DescribeActionConfig - Class in keywhiz.cli.configs
DescribeActionConfig() - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.configs.DescribeActionConfig
describeType - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.DescribeActionConfig
description - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.AddOrUpdateActionConfig
DevTrustStore - Class in keywhiz.cli
DevTrustStore() - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.DevTrustStore
domain() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.JsonCookie


executeCommand() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.CommandExecutor
expiry - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.AddOrUpdateActionConfig


fromHttpCookie(HttpCookie) - Static method in class keywhiz.cli.JsonCookie


generalMapper() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.CliModule
getCookieManager() - Static method in class keywhiz.cli.ClientUtils
getDescription() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.configs.AddOrUpdateActionConfig
getDevTrustStore() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.configs.CliConfiguration
getExpiry() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.configs.AddOrUpdateActionConfig
getMetadata(ObjectMapper) - Method in class keywhiz.cli.configs.AddOrUpdateActionConfig
getTrustStore() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.DevTrustStore
getUser() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.configs.CliConfiguration
group - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.AddOrUpdateActionConfig
group - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.AssignActionConfig
group - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.UnassignActionConfig


id - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.RollbackActionConfig
idx - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.ListActionConfig
idx - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.ListVersionsActionConfig
intercept(Interceptor.Chain) - Method in class keywhiz.cli.ClientUtils.XsrfTokenInterceptor
isHttpOnly() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.JsonCookie
isSecure() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.JsonCookie


json - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.AddOrUpdateActionConfig
JsonCookie - Class in keywhiz.cli
JSON Serializable HttpCookie object
JsonCookie() - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.JsonCookie


keywhiz.cli - package keywhiz.cli
keywhiz.cli.commands - package keywhiz.cli.commands
keywhiz.cli.configs - package keywhiz.cli.configs


ListAction - Class in keywhiz.cli.commands
ListAction(ListActionConfig, KeywhizClient, Printing) - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.commands.ListAction
ListActionConfig - Class in keywhiz.cli.configs
ListActionConfig() - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.configs.ListActionConfig
listType - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.ListActionConfig
ListVersionsAction - Class in keywhiz.cli.commands
ListVersionsAction(ListVersionsActionConfig, KeywhizClient, Printing) - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.commands.ListVersionsAction
ListVersionsActionConfig - Class in keywhiz.cli.configs
ListVersionsActionConfig() - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.configs.ListVersionsActionConfig
loadCookies(Path) - Static method in class keywhiz.cli.ClientUtils
Load cookies from the specified file from JSON to a name to value mapping.
LoginActionConfig - Class in keywhiz.cli.configs
LoginActionConfig() - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.configs.LoginActionConfig


main(String[]) - Static method in class keywhiz.cli.CliMain


name - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.AddOrUpdateActionConfig
name - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.AssignActionConfig
name - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.DeleteActionConfig
name - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.DescribeActionConfig
name - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.ListVersionsActionConfig
name - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.RollbackActionConfig
name - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.UnassignActionConfig
name() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.JsonCookie
newestFirst - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.ListActionConfig
num - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.ListActionConfig
number - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.ListVersionsActionConfig


path() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.JsonCookie
printAllClients(List<Client>) - Method in class keywhiz.cli.Printing
printAllGroups(List<Group>) - Method in class keywhiz.cli.Printing
printAllSanitizedSecrets(List<SanitizedSecret>) - Method in class keywhiz.cli.Printing
printClientWithDetails(Client) - Method in class keywhiz.cli.Printing
printGroupWithDetails(Group) - Method in class keywhiz.cli.Printing
Printing - Class in keywhiz.cli
Printing(KeywhizClient) - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.Printing
printSanitizedSecretWithDetails(SanitizedSecret) - Method in class keywhiz.cli.Printing
printSecretVersions(List<SanitizedSecret>, Long) - Method in class keywhiz.cli.Printing


readPassword(String) - Static method in class keywhiz.cli.ClientUtils
Read password from console.
RollbackAction - Class in keywhiz.cli.commands
RollbackAction(RollbackActionConfig, KeywhizClient) - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.commands.RollbackAction
RollbackActionConfig - Class in keywhiz.cli.configs
RollbackActionConfig() - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.configs.RollbackActionConfig
run() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.commands.AddAction
run() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.commands.AssignAction
run() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.commands.DeleteAction
run() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.commands.DescribeAction
run() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.commands.ListAction
run() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.commands.ListVersionsAction
run() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.commands.RollbackAction
run() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.commands.UnassignAction
run() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.commands.UpdateAction


saveCookies(CookieManager, Path) - Static method in class keywhiz.cli.ClientUtils
Serialize the cookies to JSON from the given CookieManager to a file at the specified path.
saveCookies(Path) - Static method in class keywhiz.cli.ClientUtils
sslOkHttpClient(KeyStore, List<HttpCookie>) - Static method in class keywhiz.cli.ClientUtils
Creates a OkHttpClient to start a TLS connection.


toHttpCookie(JsonCookie) - Static method in class keywhiz.cli.JsonCookie


UnassignAction - Class in keywhiz.cli.commands
UnassignAction(UnassignActionConfig, KeywhizClient) - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.commands.UnassignAction
UnassignActionConfig - Class in keywhiz.cli.configs
UnassignActionConfig() - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.configs.UnassignActionConfig
unassignType - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.UnassignActionConfig
UpdateAction - Class in keywhiz.cli.commands
UpdateAction(UpdateActionConfig, KeywhizClient, ObjectMapper) - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.commands.UpdateAction
UpdateActionConfig - Class in keywhiz.cli.configs
UpdateActionConfig() - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.configs.UpdateActionConfig
updateType - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.UpdateActionConfig
url - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.CliConfiguration
Utilities - Class in keywhiz.cli
Utilities() - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.Utilities


VALID_NAME_PATTERN - Static variable in class keywhiz.cli.Utilities
validName(String) - Static method in class keywhiz.cli.Utilities
value() - Method in class keywhiz.cli.JsonCookie
valueOf(String) - Static method in enum keywhiz.cli.CommandExecutor.Command
Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
values() - Static method in enum keywhiz.cli.CommandExecutor.Command
Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.
version - Variable in class keywhiz.cli.configs.CliConfiguration


XsrfTokenInterceptor(String, String) - Constructor for class keywhiz.cli.ClientUtils.XsrfTokenInterceptor
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