Finch Docs
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  • Finch benchmarks MySQL; other databases are not currently supported.
  • Benchmarks are written in SQL; write your queries in a .sql file.
  • Each SQL file is a Finch trx—“trx” for short.
  • Trx should model real MySQL transactions, but they don’t have to.
  • In SQL statements, data keys like @d inject fake/random/test data.
  • Data keys are configured in stage files to use a data generator.
  • Data generators are plugins that generate data (e.g. random numbers).
  • At least one stage file is required to configure and run Finch.
  • A benchmark comprises one or more stages (defined by stage files).
  • After writing SQL files with data keys, write a stage file to configure and execute.
  • Statistics are reported once at the end by default; periodic stats can be enabled.
  • Stats reporters are plugins, so you can report stats any way, any where.
  • Look in benchmarks/sysbench/ for a complete and familiar example.